We turn public records into more useful, detailed information to solve today's business challenges.

What Makes This Database Different?

In addition to covering virtually all commercial real estate in the United States, the Enhanced Commercial Property Database includes analytical scores, tenant data, building names, valuations, owner contact information, and other features.
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Commercial Property Credit Risk Scores

Credit risk analysis on commercial mortgages is a complex undertaking. One reason is that a key piece of the puzzle has been missing: a simple credit risk score for commercial property analogous to a credit score for a consumer loan. We provide three types of risk scores.
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Tenant Data

Our proprietary tenants database shows which firms are located at millions of commercial U.S. buildings — and often how long they have been in business, a key indicator of stability.
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The Enhanced Commercial Property Database presents multiple opportunities for direct marketers. You don’t have to acquire the entire database, but only selected parts, to build large and effective mailing lists.
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