The enhanced Commercial Property Database is built from multiple sources and includes analytical scores and information.

We have:

  • All the information that can be gleaned from local tax assessors, including:
    • Site addresses, owner names, and owner addresses
    • Building square footage and age; lot size
    • Date of purchase and amount paid
    • Structural details
  • All the information from county recorders:
    • Mortgage amounts and dates
    • Lender names
    • Notices of default
  • SMR’s Building Quality & Condition Score
  • Risk Analytics
    • Risk Scores for mortgage default
    • Risk scores for insurance claims
    • Risk scores for new buyers
  • Enhanced data on how buildings are being used, from restaurants to apartment buildings, industrial sites, stores, farms — more than 200 categories in all
  • Tenant data
  • Owner contact names
  • Building names
  • Valuation

This database was jointly developed by SMR Research Corporation of Hackettstown, NJ, and Black Knight, Inc. (BKI:NYSE)