There are hundreds of possibilities in the Tenants Database to create targeted, effective marketing lists. And we can customize data to match your needs.

If you need to know the identities of all tenants in a building rather than just a max of 10, we can do that. We have, for example, identified more than 600 tenants at the Empire State Building in New York.

And, you may have a marketing use for tenant data. All building tenants, for example, need insurance, and all are candidates for security systems.

Let’s take a look for a moment at how you might use tenant data for the sale of security systems.

For one thing, we can append the market values of buildings to the tenant records. Tenants in very expensive buildings may be more likely to want security systems.

Or, tenants in risky neighborhoods may have an outsized need for security systems.

And, tenants by type of business may have greater or lesser need for security systems. Doctors’ offices, for instance, may have drugs and prescription pads that demand extra security.

And, of course, there are millions of tenant businesses with specialized equipment needs. Hair salons need specific supplies. Engineers need specialized software. Contractors need tools and heavy equipment.

We can often identify home-based businesses within the tenants database. These are often smallish firms that have a startup need for accounting and tax preparation services.

Time in business can play a role in sales to tenants, too. Newly formed companies have a greater need for computers, accounting services, office equipment, and banking relationships. Get these customers when they are just starting out, and you may have them for life.