The tenants database contains more than 25 million records from more than 400 sources.

Some are home-base businesses, but we are able to match 8.5 million tenants to 4 million commercial building records. Tenants do not include individuals or families living in apartment buildings. All of our tenant data are comprised of businesses.

It's helpful just to have a list of tenant names in a given building. It's even better to have additional data about those tenants.

For most tenants, we know how long they've been in business. And that's a major indicator of stability of rents. New or very young businesses have the highest "death rates", while firms in business for a longer time are much more likely to survive.

When we match tenants to the building records, we compute the average time in business for all tenants in a building. This average correlates with owner financial risk.

In addition, for most tenants, we know what the tenant firms do for a living. And we usually have a contact name for an officer of the tenant company.

We have phone numbers for more than 4 million tenants. Phone numbers for others can easily and inexpensively be appended by firms specializing in that practice. Let us know if you need a reference.