As most people in the real estate business know, there is one (and only one) way to create a foundational database of all U.S. commercial properties.

You need to access the records of thousands of local tax assessors who track every U.S. real estate parcel and who owns them. It's a big job, yet it's just the beginning if you want truly comprehensive information.

We get virtually all the tax assessor data in the U.S. And then we move on:

  • We get mortgage and loan default information from county recorders.
  • We build and update a separate and proprietary Tenants database from more than 400 sources. This database alone contains some 26 million records.
  • We have a separate database, as well, of building names — a key item not reported anywhere else.
  • We "patch holes", improving tax assessor property descriptions, filling in missing square footage numbers, and estimating market values.
  • We create highly predictive risk scores for lenders, insurers, and others.

And we bring it all together so that a single record in the delivered Enhanced Commercial Property Database has the key elements from every source. We believe that in scope of coverage and diversity of data elements, no other source has what the Enhanced Commercial Properties Database offers.