The Enhanced Commercial Property Database covers virtually all commercial real estate in the U.S. Another well-known vendor of commercial data covers only about half the buildings for which we have data.

Tenant Data

Our proprietary Tenants Database shows which firms are located at millions of U.S. commercial buildings — and often how long they've been in business, a key indicator of stability. A top competitor in furnishing tax assessor data has no tenant information at all.

Credit Risk Scores

To our knowledge, the Enhanced Commercial Property Database is the only source for risk scores on each U.S. commercial property. If you make loans, offer insurance, or do other business with commercial property owners, a risk score becomes necessary information.

Multi-Source Data

We build the Enhanced Commercial Property Database from over 200 data sources, not just the two or three used by others.

Satellite Data

Data from the satellite images include a building's footprint/rooftop square footage, as well as the latitude and longitude of the center of the building. This supplements the latitude/longitude derived from the address.

Marketing Use

Other sources for commercial property information focus mainly on buying, selling, and leasing.

The Enhanced Commercial Property Database can be used similarly. But we also add risk and marketing uses. We have risk scores, owner contact names, and a Tenants Database of nearly 21 million records, often with tenant contacts. And we can tailor bulk data orders to just what you need.