Local tax assessor records will tell you who owns a building – but not who’s there. You need a tenants file to see which companies are where.

With matching property data, you can spot which companies are in tiny buildings, expensive buildings, old buildings, home-based businesses, and more.

But the Tenants Database also is a great stand-alone product, even if you don’t use the matching property data.

Insurers writing business lines will want to know our company risk indicators, for example: time in business for over 20 million firms, alias company names, type of business, liquor license status, and underground fuel tanks.

For-profit firms comprise most of our records. But we also have every U.S. public school, private school, university, hospital, doctor or dentist office, and non-profit organization.

Direct Marketing

The Tenants Database also is a stand-alone file for direct marketing. We have zip+4 extensions, and all addresses have been checked against postal data.

Virtually all firms need certain products and services: insurance, accounting software, computers, security systems, and utility services.

But if you sell only to companies in specific industries, the Tenant data are especially helpful. We have over 100 type-of-business classifications.

If you sell tools, we can provide data on over 140,000 auto repair shops and over 200,000 manufacturers.

Lapidary equipment? We have nearly 30,000 jewelry stores. Restaurant supplies? We have over 500,000 restaurants and caterers, with a breakout for independent versus chain restaurants.

Make use of our field showing the company’s founding date. Startup firms will need all sorts of new things but may be constrained on big purchases.

Finally, the best part for marketers:

Standard mailing list firms typically charge a minimum of $50 per thousand records. For sizeable orders, we charge less.